Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Mobilink Youth Central, a value added service being provided to Jazz and Jazba customers since last year, is now also providing Election information services to the subscribers. Even though the service is being provided to the customers for some time, there hasn’t been much of advertisement regarding the service.
Mobilink has just uploaded the promotional banner for the Youth Central Election Information with the tag line “Bol kay lab azaad hain teray”. Subscription to the service is as it was before; in order to subscribe, the customer needs to SMS “SUB” to 6666 upon which they will receive a confirmation message for subscription. Charges for the service are Rs. 1 + tax per day and Rs. 1 + tax per SMS.
It is surprising to see that even though other telecom operators have started SMS based election information services and publicized them in the past few days, Mobilink did not jump on to the bandwagon in cashing the election hype and did not do any publicity of their service even though subscribers have been using it for the past couple of weeks.


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