Tuesday, 7 May 2013

PPP’s Official Websites Get Hacked

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The official website of the two largest political parties in the country, Pakistan People's Party (PPP) was hacked on Monday. PPP is already facing the threat of terror extremists, especially Tehreek-E Taliban Pakistan (TTP), in its current campaign.

On Monday, some hackers, who consider themselves "Pakistan Haxors" the hacker attacks, Urdu the official website of the PPP and the United Kingdom branch website. The hacker left the message "Your system has been attacked by hackers" hacking sites, named King Haxor Jamil Zaryab,,, Hasnain Haxor, Nathan Shahzada, pull Ho Haxor hunter Khan, Daniyal hackers.

The typical method used to change the spelling of his name and numbers in order to hide their identity and location, from where they run, hackers. The central incharge of the PPP policy, planning and media said, the party's two websites were attacked by hackers unknown people and experts as soon as possible to restore them.

He said that this is to grab people's behavior, the right to obtain information about the activities of the party. He said his party's candidate bombings and suicide attacks, so that they stay away from the extremists of the elections through targeted, but they will fail in their goal at the end of the year, when the PPP can not stop the unfair means .

The site has been restored.


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