Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Oh Sorry , Wrong Number

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A person makes a call from USA to his wife.

Servant picked up the phone.

Aadmi: Memsab se baat krwao.

Servant: Par memsab to sahab k sath kamre main so rahi hain.

Aadmi: Par sahab to main hu.

Servant: Ab main kya karo'n?

Aadmi: Maar do dono ko , Main hold karta hu.

After killing

Servant: Lashon ka kya karun?

Aadmi: Ghar k peeche swimming pool mein phenk k bhaag ja.

Servant: Par ghar k peeche to swimming pool hai hi nahi.

Aadmi: Oh sorry , wrong number..!! :P :D


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